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Guest Post Offer #161: Publicity: How to Get Media Attention for Your Product or Service

Lots of people who have written their magnum opus, mixed and mastered their new EP or CD, or produced a new film project simply have no idea what to do to bring it to the attention of the masses.

I offer publicity, PR, and marketing assistance to creatives looking to gain print and/or broadcast media attention about their latest venture.

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I'm a career journalist who has written for print media for over 20 years but who has been working in PR, publicity and marketing circles for the last five years. Spending so much time behind the news desk has given me a unique perspective on how press releases and other information gets from a letter bin or inbox and into a newspaper, magazine or radio/TV broadcast. I can offer information and tips for creatives, event planners and others about how to garner media attention to generate buzz about their product, event, or service.
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