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When my Mom passed away, I was devastated. This was not supposed to happen! She was supposed to be here forever.

A week after she died, I asked her for a sign that she was still near. I felt a light hand on my right cheek. It freaked me out! I asked for a real sign. Within seconds, my car was surrounded in a little white butterfly blizzard. I could hear her laughing. I laughed too, then I cried.

Since that time eighteen years ago, a white butterfly still arrives at special times. Sometimes she sits on my windowsill while I’m writing. I think she could be my editor!
When I’d tell people this story they got what they called goosebumps. I prefer to call them Angel Bumps. It’s as if an angel has just passed by and brushed you with her wing.

Her second visit happened the morning of my son’s high school graduation. I was sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, leaving droplets on my new blouse. “I wish you were here for this, Mom. I know you wouldn’t miss it. I really miss you this morning.” Out of the corner of my eye, white butterfly landed on a hanging basket of pink and purple petunias. I watched her flitter from basket to basket until she was right in front of me. Now the tears were really flowing. She flew to the arm rest on my chair and sat with me.

Her next visit happened at my son’s garden wedding rehearsal. As they stood under the arch and practiced their vows, a white butterfly arrived. She flitted above their heads, between them. I like to think she was sprinkling blessings.

Her latest visit was with her great grandson. Arlo was three when a white butterfly arrived in his backyard. They played hide and seek, chasing each other. He was doubled over with laughter. My daughter asked if he liked that butterfly. He looked at her, tilted his head and said, “That’s not a butterfly. It’s Nan!”
Nan was my mom’s grandmom name. They had never met…….or so I thought.

The comfort of knowing she is still close cannot be measured. Watch for your own Angel Bumps. Heaven is closer than you think.

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