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D41 World Trading LLP

D41 World Trading LLP was founded in Feb 2016 to bring excellent products from round the world to the customer’s doorsill. Today, it serves a one-stop-shop destination for all the lighting necessities of its consumers. With over 5000 types of merchandise across the designer lights, technical lights, decorative lights, cocktail lights and outdoor lights segment, the company offers an array of lighting solutions to the consumers. Modern however economical, the lighting solutions offered by the company not only exude excellence but also scores full marks on the quality front too because the LED lights are manufactured by LEDS-C4, GROK and FORLIGHT.

LEDS-C4 outside lights bring your non-public areas to life once the sun goes down, providing associate unmatched aesthetic impact while adding safety and value. Our outdoor lighting fixtures improve visibility, security, and enhance aesthetics.
LEDS-C4 outdoor lighting solutions cover a good vary of applications, together with building façade illumination, landscape lighting (parks/ sculptures), underwater lighting, floodlight/sports lighting, street and roadway lighting, parking zone and garage illumination, signage lighting, outdoor ceiling lights, led spotlights, streetlights, landscape lighting, vintage lighting, outdoor decorative lights. These outdoor fixtures choices offer for each home desires right from beautification to usability, from safe passage to security.

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