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Guest Post Offer #170: Fraternity Liability Insurance - a Great Big Oxymoron

The Fraternity "Industry" has self-imposed integrated top down regulation from the top to the bottom combined with an insurance system paid for from the bottom and insuring only the top.

Fraternities annually collect millions of dollars for insurance premiums and retention accounts from undergraduate members and pledges. These premiums can amount to $500 per man per year, yet, somehow no or minimal coverage is afforded to the undergraduate chapters while millions of dollars of liability cover the National.

Unless a plaintiff can somehow link the National to the incident causing injury, the only coverage available to him is that afforded by family homeowners policies of individual chapter members.

In litigation the first move by the National's carrier is to move for its dismissal on the grounds that it cannot control the day to day activities of the local, thus separating the case from the bulk of the several million dollars worth of insurance entirely paid for by the undergraduates!

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I serve as an expert witness and assist in trials dealing with hazing and Risk Management engendered lawsuits involving fraternities. I am involved in a number of matters. One on the side of a National Fraternity, others on the side of a deceased pledges, one on the side of a neighbor suing for a nuisance claim, cases representing injured pledges, and one Title IX case.

I was an active member of the Fraternity Executives Association, former member of FIPG / FRMT, and affiliate member of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, past delegate and current affiliate of the NIC.

As an experienced lawyer with 20 years experience as the executive director of an international fraternity, 25 year member of the North American Interfraternity Association, I am eminently qualified for my new role. I am ready to take on additional work. Anyone in need of advice or assistance in locating counsel should feel free to contact me. I do not try cases, but I am glad to refer to experienced counsel nationally.

I am also the Chairman of Common Sense Foundation, a Charitable Foundation empowered to lecturing, publishing, educating and informing potential students, students, alumni, parents and educational institutions concerning the advantages and perils of joining Greek letter membership organizations at colleges and universities, including combating hazing and the dangers of substance abuse associated with membership. Finally, I am writing a biographical work on life in the Greek world

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David K Easlick Jr
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