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Guest Post Offer #172: Audiobook Sales

How are your audiobook sales doing?

Oh, sorry.   You don't have audiobooks.

The audiobook marketing is booming.  Dear author, if you don't have your books available as audiobooks you are missing out on potential sales. 

It's now easier than ever to produce and distribute and promote your audibooks.   You can do it all yourself or hire a professional narrator.

There are distributions companies that will get your book into dozens of audiobook companies you probably haven't even heard of. 

Ready to get going with audiobooks?

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Blog Post or Article Offer
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  • Books & Authors
  • Marketing
  • Self-Improvement
What type of blog, site, or social media posting do you want? *
A blog post. A site for authors, book marketing. 
(I might not be understanding this question properly.)
Length (Word Count):

500 to 1,500
How many backlinks are required (if any)?:
Qualifications of the Writer *
Book and online course called "Audio for Authors." 
Have published all of my audiobooks and am making sales from audiobook companies I've never heard of.
Are you offering any incentives for posting?
Yes, a discount on the course.
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Bradley Charbonneau
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