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Alright pioneers, no chest-thumping problem-solving here, only non-religious spiritual, side of things, talks in non-preachy-ness, empirical, interactive manner.

Ground Rules: First of all, boundaries between Spirituality/Religion...Spiritual's main definition in these talks means that spirituality is having your own direct observations or mystical experiences.

Religion is defined as a belief in someone else's experience. 
The instinct towards spirituality discussions is deeply ingrained in humans.....So here we go: 

There is a mysterious force in the Universe that is beyond any threshold of human awareness. There is a sense of the divine as an unseen presence behind the visible world. I am calling this mystical, spiritual, surreal, purview realm the 5th dimension of the Universe.

The 5th dimension is now my spiritual place. Trust the source. Let go, the Universe will do the rest. We are not alone. Something is watching over us. We are loved. No meddling. This belief is based on eyewitness testimony, as the ground rules above state.

The Universe is talking to everyone. All the time. The question is not to whom it is talking to, but who listens. Move slow, caution. Observe things. Be on the lookout. Watch, listen to:

        The words to the next song played.
        The plot in the next movie.
        The story line in the next book.
        The giggling spring. 
        The wind in the trees.

The Universe will speak to you if you will listen. It will come to you if you will invite it, suited precisely to the purpose at hand. This poem says it best:

         Moonrise, San Pedro Bay.
         The stars and the waves have something to say.
         They want to respond 
         to the nature of your song.
         So talk to them as they glisten.
         Then, move closer.

You see, I have recorded a collection of these kind of sings. My wonderful daughter, Libby, passed away 12 years ago at the age of 37. My book, "A Belief in Nothing, Interrupted," lists the 25 supernatural messages from those 12 years.

That turn-page book and audiobook is on my website: "" You will see in this book how I did, unknowingly, invite the Universe. Read and interact.....

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