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Guest Post Request #155: Fun Loving Couples

Do you like to write? Do you like to travel? Do you like to eat well? Do you like to workout? Do you like to have fun? 

If so, we might be a good fit for each other!

We're Charles and Linda Musselwhite (CaLM) founders of Fun Loving Couples in search of the FLCLifestyle. We believe complacency is the silent killer to ALL relationships and that couples (straight or alternative) can use travel, eating well, working out to have fun and grow stronger together. 

If you agree with this belief and want to get your work in front of a growing audience (5k+ FB followers) let's chat.

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In a different business we are a 10 year old marketing agency aligned with other agencies and freelancers around the country. We have a strong team and have helped lots of our clients with their digital marketing efforts. We share this simply to point out we know a little bit about marketing!

To promote your work, we will (at a minimum; depending on content) publish to our website, share to our Social Media.

At our discretion, we may turn blog into video summary, publish in eBook(s), run ads to the blog, etc... 

This will be good for you and us!
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Couples (straight or alternative) that want to grow closer and stronger! 
Typically 35 - 65 years of age.
International audience.
Very active in travel or desires to travel.
Very active in eating well or desires to eat well.
Very active in working out or desires to work out.
Bottom line, wants to have fun and strengthen their marriage or partnership.

To be crystal clear, we are all about improving and strengthening relationships NOT swinging or promiscuity. We do not tolerate and will not accept any articles or blogs that violate either of these principles along with hate speech 


ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY - We will not tolerate bashing, cussing, pornography or related topics or pictures. You will be Banned from the group. Any sort of activity, drama, and nonsense won't be tolerated...Any hint of this BS will get you kicked out. That is how we roll!

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Fun Loving Couples
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