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Guest Post Offer #188: How to Master Your Emotions

I will write a guest post explaining what emotions, including anger, are and how to master them as tools.

I have written two Amazon best selling books. 

The first talks about what emotions are, where they come from, and how to understand them and what the emotional myths are. The book is titled Emotions as Tools: Control Your Life not Your Feelings.  In the book, I address specific emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame.

The second book focuses specifically on anger as a strategic tool

I can write an article addressing emotions in general or specific emotions. I can tailor an article to a specific audience or cover general issues related to emotions.

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Blog Post or Article
Subject of your Article (check up to 3 only): *
  • Self-Improvement
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I want a site that is directed to helping its readers deal with important issues related to emotions. I can't do therapy in an article but I can address most issues in a general way while giving specific and useful guildelines.
Length (Word Count):

500 to 1200 words.
How many backlinks are required (if any)?:
Formatting Requirements (if any):
None. I will use Microsoft word and can format as a doc or txt file.
Qualifications of the Writer *
  • I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.
  • I am a Senior Adjunct Professor at an accredited University.
  • I have 32 years of experience dealing with emotional issues in difficult populations.
  • I have appeared as a guest on several different podcasts.
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Ed Daube, Ph.D.
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