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Guest Post Offer #207: Creating an Income From Mobile Apps - Without Coding

I have been most fortunate to have built a very good business in mobile apps. 

The vast majority of my income comes from mobile apps on the two major app stores including Google Play and Apple.

It all started when I became a stay at home dad. We had our first child and my wife had a job which was more secure than mine because I ran my own business. She went back to work after maternity leave and I closed down my business so that I could look after the children.

Readers will learn all about how I overcame all the problems of working from home and having very little time because of having to look after two young children.   It is very interesting and amusing as well as informative.

I can also write about many subjects to do with the mobile app business so just ask if you need anything.

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7 years building a portfolio of mobile apps whilst being a stay at home dad.
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John Marshall
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