Guest Post Request#193: Automotive Related Articles
Guest Post Offer #253: Discrimination Law

Guest Post Request #194: Help New Biz Owners Take Their First Steps

I am giving the guest blogger strategy a try on my website.

I am the host of Keep It Simple Coach website and the GPS (guide to profit and success) to my facebook groups for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. 

I am inviting bloggers who can compliment (not compete) with me who are entrepreneurs themselves and/or support the small biz owner with their product or service to be a guest blogger on my site

The theme is “taking your first steps” - if you can speak to one of the following topics to my audience it would be great:

    *  staffing
    *  retail biz tips
    *  human resource
    *  marketing strategy/tips
    *  leadership
    *  financial/banking
    *  insurance/legal
    *  health/mindset
    *  suggestions welcomed

You would:
    *  prepare a 500 min word post
    *  meet the August 22 deadline
    *  provide suggested feature image (hi-re quality) and hashtags
    *  concise author bio
    *  Post link to blog post at least once on each of your social media and post back your website

I will:
    *  publish finished post with SEO
    *  provide blog link
    *  I will, in turn, post your blog in social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and FB)
        multiple times
    *  a public thank you on social media posts with a link to you or your site 

Bonus:   Be a potential guest for my podcast - Ask The Expert/Entrepreneur - the “Back to School Series” in September

Thank you in advance!

This request is for: *
  • I am asking for others to write articles that I will publish.
Type of Content Requested *
  • Blog Posts or Articles Wanted
How will you distribute or promote it? *
Publish finished post with SEO

I will in turn post your blog in social media (Pinterest, instagram, twitter, linkedIn and FB, FBG) multiple times

Public thank you on social media posts with link to you or your site 

Bonus: Be a potential guest for my podcast - Ask The Expert/Entrepreneur - the “Back to Biz Series” in September
Length (Word Count):
Formatting Requirements (if any):
Google Doc/Word
Image requirements (if any):
Feature image final size is 1280 × 853
Description of Your Audience: *
Aspiring and New Entrepreneurs
Your Website Name: *

Keep It Simple Coach
Your Website URL: *
Your site's Guest Post submission page URL:
Previously published ok? *
How many promotional backlinks allowed? *
Affiliate links allowed? *
Your Name *

Yamilette Williams Ed. D.
Your Email Address: *


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