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A New and Innovative Approach to Treating Sex/Porn Addiction.

I don't need to tell you how pornography is becoming an epidemic in our society and destroying individuals and relationships. I know, I see it first-hand every day in my private practice.

Hi folks, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Eddie Capparucci and I am a Christian counselor, certified sexual addiction with a busy practice in Marietta, GA.   I see an average of 35 men a week who are struggling with pornography and sexual addiction and I have worked for years helping women overcome betrayal.

I believe the Road to Recovery From Sexual and Pornography Addiction Goes Through Your Childhood.

And with that, I have created a unique and exciting treatment program for sex/porn addiction that I call the Inner Child Recovery Process.   It is outlined in my second book, entitled: Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction.   It will be released in February 2020.

It already has been endorsed by leaders in the field including Dr. Rob Weiss, author of Out of the Doghouse; Jay Stringer author of Unwanted; and Jonathon Daugherty of BeBroken Ministry; Troy Haas of Hope Quest Ministries; and Andrew Bauman, author of Psychology of Porn, to name a few.

The Inner Child Recovery Process will offer new hope for thousands of individuals who feel helpless, and sometimes hopeless, due to their endless struggle to manage their disorder.   It will also offer hope to the women who love them and want to see them become men of integrity.   In the process, I have identified 9 different inner children who impact sexual addiction including the Unaffirmed Child, the Unnoticed Child, the Need for Control Child, and the Bored Child to name a few.

This treatment concept focuses on helping individuals to empower themselves by recognizing it’s their inner child who is running the show when it comes to the addiction.   By learning to become familiar with the emotional triggers that activate the child leading him to seek comfort through destructive sexual activities, individuals can take an active role in managing their addiction.

It is a ground-breaking and unique way of treating these addictions that empowers men/women in a way unlike any other treatment currently available.   It answers the important "why" question.   "Why do I behave the way I do?"   The answer to this question is critical for recovery and is one every spouse wants to understand.

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